Stikup for Surfboards

Stikup for Surfboards

Two sculpted alloy beans and a set of straps for all type of boards (choose straps). Stainless steel screws, wall protector, wrapped in a cool presentation box.
  • Product Details

    Easy to use surfboard display system. Place your stick against the wall in a vertical or horizontal position wrap the strap around to fit snugly to your stick. Place the wall protector to the fin that has contact with the wall.

    If there’s not enough space on your walls you can hang it from the ceiling position. Also suitable for sail, kite, wake and SUPs.

    Every element is cared for in the same way you care about your stick. Each bean is solid cast alloy and is tumbled for hours to give the desired finish, not a dissimilar process to going through a heavy shore break.

    Clear straps with D-rings for those prized possessions or our Neoprene lined straps, so your precious stick has something soft to slip into. Standard length is for surf, wake, kite and sail. Longer for SUPs.

    The Stikup Complete system comes with the following parts:

    • 2 Sculpted Alloy Beans
    • 2 Neoprene Straps or Clear with D-Rings
    • 4 Stainless Steel Screws
    • 1 Fin/Wall Protector